Friday, May 21, 2010

The Case of the Missing Hermit Crab

Jaxon came to Bret and I about an hour ago, panicked.

"Mom! Dad! Scarlet's hermit crab is missing!"

(Scarlet has a habit of getting out her hermit crabs but then, forgetting where she puts them so, this came as no surprise.)

And so began the search...

Scarlet had already gone to bed. She had put herself to bed after supper--imagine that, what kid puts themself to bed?! She is something else! :)

We searched out in the driveway where Bret and the kids had spent time washing my truck today.
We searched out in the backyard.
We searched Jaxon's room where the hermit crabs are kept up on his dresser in their cage.

Finally, Bret went into Scarlet's room to wake her up and ask her if she remembered where she put it. As I followed him into her room, I saw him hovered over her little side table beside her bed with a funny, curious look on his face. He told me, "Shhh!" Then, he opened up the drawer on her side table and there it was!!! Unbelievably, he had heard it crawling around in there, bumping up against the walls of the drawer!!!

I'm going to have to check that drawer tommorow and see what all she's got going on in there...

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