Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"And we won't need cars."

As I drove my three ring circus to the kids museum yesterday, we passed a cemetary. All of a sudden, Scarlet yelled out, "There's the cross that Jesus died on!" I turned the radio down a bit and told her yes, she was right in that it was a cross, just like the one that Jesus died on but that, it wasn't THE cross that was used. I then asked her, "And why did Jesus die on the cross, Scarlet?" She said, "To save us from our sins!" Whew, she remembered. :) It was then that Jaxon piped up enthusiastically and said, "And guess what, Scarlet!? That's not all!" My curiosity got the best of me and I turned the radio completely off so I could hear just what the big brother was about to tell the little sister. He went on, "Scarlet, Jesus didn't stay dead! He rose again and is alive today! And guess what? One day, Jesus is going to come back for us! It will be very exciting! He is going to come back to earth and take us to Heaven! We'll get to have parties in Heaven all the time! And one day, we'll all come back to earth and God will make a new earth. And the earth will be all clean. And we won't need cars."

Scarlet replied, "Yeah."

And that was that.

As a mom who frequently questions whether I'm doing enough for my kids by way of homeschooling, reading enough books with them, playing enough with them, providing nutritious foods, giving them opportunities to learn and have new experiences, etc., it finally hit me yesterday--relief! It was as if God Himself arranged this little conversation between my children to let me know that while I frequently fail as a mom (umm, daily!) in many aspects and I am constantly questioning my parenting, THE MESSAGE, the #1 goal of parenting is getting through!

What sweet relief!

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