Saturday, May 8, 2010


So lately, I've taken such fun in really listening to how the kids are pronouncing words. I thought I'd take a sec and write them down so I don't ever forget. I'm also going to think back and write to when Jaxon was little. It's these simple, sweet things I never want to forget!

Jaxon. Whenever the toilet gets clogged, he says it is "plogged"! He calls an ambulance an "ambuhlance" and no, he has not seen that youtube video! :) For years, Jaxon called his paci "B" and his favorite stuffed puppy "D". Up until just a few years ago, he would called movies "moomees".

Scarlet. She calls animals "amials". She asked for a "blueblerry" muffin yesterday. She calls her private parts her "pirate" and a boy's is a "peanut". We roll with this. She calls Liam "Lamb". I've noticed she likes to add "ees" to a lot of her words. For instance, if she's cold, she'll say, "I'm coldees" or if she's hot, "I'm hottees".

Liam. He is now starting to verbalize which is really cute at times. He calls a bath "daaaaa" and water "waaaaah". He says "dog-dog" for dog. He calls a banana "nana". He refers to Bret as "dada" and ME as well! I can't wait to hear him finally say "mommy". And just this week, he has started saying "bye-bye". And when he sees someone else with food and he decides he wants it, he'll yell "num-num" for yum yum! This is is our favorite! :)

...more to come!

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