Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Little Chefs

I am a gate mom. I admit it. I love baby gates! I seriously think gates are a mother's best friend! Downstairs, we have a gate in the doorway of Bret's office, the doorway of the bathroom, and the doorway of the large storage closet. We also have one in the doorway of the front door-why is it every one of my kids are masters of escape?! Normally, I would have a gate blocking off access to the kitchen for my little ones. But, when we moved in this house, I realized that it was not going to be possible to have a gate blocking off the kitchen. The littles quickly realized this! Everyday at some point, Scarlet and Liam like to go into the kitchen and "cook"...

Liam is into hats lately. Everything has the potential to be a hat!

Go figure, being a girl and all, that she'd prefer things that have straps....potential purses and diaper bags!

"Hmmmm, now what do we have in here...?"

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