Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time For Watermelon!

"Mommy, this tastes better than candy!" If you know Jaxon, this says A LOT!

Yum! Even the seeds are tasty!

At 1st, I was sharing with him from my own slice of watermelon.

Then, I gave up and just handed it over--how could I resist?! He is just too much!

Workin' hard to get to the good stuff!

I finally put an end to the torture and cut a piece out for him.

He worked hard for that watermelon!

He enjoyed every bite. So much so that, I didn't hear a word from him for the entire 15 minutes.

(Check out those freckles. So cute I wanna kiss all over them!)

Something Jaxon said made her laugh hysterically. She is such a giggle box!!

Finishing off the last of it.

By this time, he had dropped it on the ground about 3 times but, apparently, it still tasted great!

The double chin, the dirty little finger nails from playing @ the park, the watermelon juice running down his arm...good grief, forget the watermelon, I could just eat HIM up!


  1. Very nice Joy - you are getting good at capturing that "perfect" moment!

    Love you guys!